Co-director of Corner Office, Richmond, Virginia
Design Session Director and Graphic Designer at Storefront for Community Design, Richmond, Virginia
Adjunct Professor teaching the mObstudiO at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia
Project Manager of Monument Avenue: General Demotion/General Devotion National Design Ideas Competition

I will be publishing a monograph of Corner Office’s first year in June, funding provided through VCU Adjunct Research Grants

I will table at CurrentBOOKS Art Book Fair in March with works from Corner Office Artists, Richmond, Virginia

I will be speaking and facilitating a workshop on accessory dwelling units at the Novem Mason Symposium on Health + Design at the Center for Community-Engaged Design at UNCG, Greensboro, North Carolina

The Monument Avenue: General Demotion/General Devotion will launch in April

I keep making posters for the mObstudiO

Dog & Pony Show, two-person show, Rosewood Clothing Co, Richmond, Virginia

HEADS MAGAZINE #3. Submissions and cover collaboration with UDLI Editions, Boone, North Carolina

Course Instructor for the Hi Speed Spuds and Graphic Design at Virginia Commonwealth University Summer Intensive, Richmond, Virginia
Informally released Graphic Design is My Passion and Sugar in the Gas Tank at the Jynx rogue booth outside the LA Art Book Fair, Los Angeles, California
Published Graphic Design is My Passion: Meme-Farming in a Teenage Design Utopia through Jynx, a collaboration between Brittany Justice and Adele Ball, Richmond, Virginia

Published Sugar In the Gas Tank. Newspaper Club, London, United Kingdom

Opened Corner Office, an experimental gallery, studio and discursive space with Ava Lonergan. Our inaugural show was a group show titled Less Heady Conversations featuring 8 artists

Facilitated the mOb pOrtal workshop at the Tasmeem Conference, Doha, Qatar

Now See Us, Hear Us, Sediment Gallery, Richmond, Virginia

I made a couple posters for the mObstudiO

I taught an upper-level graphic design course at VCUarts in Richmond, Virginia about print while posing as a henchwoman from an evil corporation called Sinicorps

I published a poem and a cyanotyped blanket in Selfish Magazine, Volume 3, New York

I taught a three week design course for high school students at Virginia Commonwealth University Summer Intensive, Richmond, VA

The Anywheres: No Woman Is An Island was published over the summer in my studio in Richmond, Virginia. The document is a collection of fiction-writing and submission-based content derived from 5 archetypical female characters

I exhibited my thesis work at the MFA Thesis Show at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

Fellow at Mildred’s Complexity during a session titled Walking, Talking, and Social Practice 

Released a video titled Roadside Attractions at a self-initiated residency at South of the Border, a Mexican-themed rest stop outside of Dillion, South Carolina. The video explores  liminal space of the roadside and the politics of traveling as a pair of women.