Jynx is the name of the collaborations between brittany justice and adele ball.
Jynx began as an elaborate backstory in the summer of 2016 while they were teaching a summer course in graphic design for high school students at virginia commonwealth university. the partnership was akin to
the two worst mediums are locked in a mind-reading twostep: finishing each other’s sentences and forever owing each other a coke. 

the course covered graphic design basics, wheat pasting, publication design, speculative design, and installation design. 

six months after the course ended, Jynx released graphic design is my passion, a compilation of imagery, oracular writing, and critical writing at the rogue booth at the LA Art Book Fair in Los Angeles, California. 

graphic design is my passion
32 pages
two-color risograph printed
spiral bound

graphic design is my passion is the students’ coursework published by Jynx and released at the LA Art Book Fair at Jynx’s rogue boot.

the rogue booth is an TSA-approved portable zine stand designed by Jynx to resist statelines and gallery walls.