shendandoah hundo is a 100-mile long hiking and research project about endurance/sustenance, the phenomenas of national park tourism and the possibilities of a studio on the trail.

i was guided by sister corita kent’s 100 questions for research, rebecca solnit, richard long, pooping in the woods and conquering a fear of being alone.

the questions wrangled with the shortcomings of my perceptions of safety. the drawings responsed to the questions. each day, after making food for myself and my dog, filtering water and setting up my tent, i would write and draw. 1 question, 1 drawing per 1 mile.

some of the questions:
what is the landscape of my mind?
is fearlessness freedom?
or is facing fear freedom?
who is this trail for?
what is the difference between a pilgrimage and a trek?
how much farther?

i was asked a lot whether i was afraid to be alone in the woods. i was asked what my real name was. i felt a lot of self doubt. i wondered who and what walked here before. i felt wild bliss after feeling the tremendous wind on a rock outcropping, dirty fingernails, and the first bite of a peanut butter taco.

this project is currently undergoing a second research phase to understand the history of the park and surrounding community. a compilation and interpretation of this research and experience may be a publication, or a talk, or .pdf.